Welcome to Truth Dojo!

If you’re new, you’ll find that this network is a bit ‘backward’ from what you might be used to on Facebook.

Our primary point of connection is in our weekly LIVE meetings over zoom. And the platform here is a way to connect and discuss as needed during the in between times.

We connect over zoom every Saturday, in an expertly facilitated container exploring various themes.

Our current exploration is called “Heartbreak Hotel”. We are about to explore part II this Saturday. The zoom link can be found in the Heartbreak hotel course under the “courses” menu item (it has a university graduation cap icon).

We encourage you to show up weekly, as this is a very high-frequency healing space and we transmute a lot of energy simply by being together in moving through whatever arises.

You are also, of course, encouraged to share about yourself in our blogging system on your profile, to connect with each other when it feels right, and to explore our other free courses which will continuously accumulate.

Happy to answer any questions – and new features of this system will be showing up as they are completed. Soon we will have a simple phone app which makes everything easier to access.

Thank you!


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