This Platform

I have a lot of questions and very soon a lot of ideas too. 
1) Where is the page/post about the purpose of this platform?
2) What is a good way to get started?
3) What are the features of this platform?
4) Is there any help page or tutorials?
5) Are there any community guidelines in place?
6) Can I invite friends?
7) Where can I ask questions?
8) Does anybody read this post?

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  1. Amazing thanks for sharing!
    We are working on developing a founding document for our organization which will lead to a lot of these answers.
    Most discussion will likely take place inside of the group forums (including questions).
    The features include messaging, blogging, forums, and eCourse experiences. More features (such as a native phone app) and some bug fixes in development.
    Yes please invite friends who would be a good fit!
    Feel free to connect to or follow people who look interesting and then you will see their blog posts as well.
    And make sure you are subscribed to our True Participation YouTube channel for upcoming tutorials etc.
    And be sure to check out our existing courses which are free for all members.

    Thank you!


    1. That’s awesome, Joshua.
      I am so looking forward to the development and even more so to the new connections and interactions on this platform.
      So exciting to have a purer space to connect and share what we truly care about.
      Will check out the Youtube Channel!

      By the way, the design of this site could use some more color 😀


        1. Thank you, Joshua!
          I was on a call with Hilmar last night and it was really great. Big Heart Opening!
          I am so excited for everything that is happening, especially soon in Bali.
          Speak soon!