My first post

I’m going to use this as a really random journaling space… I’m not intending to inspire anyone… but if someone wants to engage the conversation or if I touch some part of you I welcome dialogue

Last night I ate four Oreos

And the hardest part about it was I didn’t know if I was self-sabotaging or enjoying myself

So where this is coming from is wondering who I’d be if I didn’t try to inspire anyone, teach anything or be something… just see what’s honest in the moment to express about myself

I don’t really care about the Oreos. I don’t really watch what I eat. But then sometimes I do.

I let myself have coffee every day… and chocolate most days too…

The thing about Oreos is they remind me of a time in my life when I enjoyed myself and didn’t think about hydrogenated oils and trying to live longer… didn’t have to work too hard at enjoying myself either

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