Notes on benefits, Transcription, and some other thoughts on the prior meeting b

  • Notes on benefits, Transcription, and some other thoughts on the prior meeting b

  • Moshe Rosten

    May 25, 2020 at 6:49 am

    First thing’s first, I will post the response to the dojo question, what have I gotten from the Truth Dojo (1), and what have I given (2).

    1. Getting a chance to feel true deep, care, compassion, love from others in the group, a chance to process details of trauma in personal life and what i perceive in

    those around me.

    2. I give out to the world violin performances, dances, positive expressions of love, forgiveness, space, enthusiasm, connection.

    This is what I told the group. I said to the group that this may not be as poetic as some of the other expressions, but Joshua assured me that it was nice.

    Now, as for some of my typewritten transcription notes written as some of the folks were talking. It is not complete, being that I started sometimes after the person had already been speaking, or that my mind was focused on something else and so neglecting a part of the procedings. Also, I did not write really who spoke for most of my notes.

    It begins:

    a place where we can rise as queens and kings together. discovering

    how to share power, presence. that truth. that light of our being in our

    souls. fullness of who we are to bring. the softness of our inner

    children. expansiveness of our higher self. imagine ourself to be. hold

    all the many dimensions of ourself. imagine from that place how to

    empower others… — my speed typing attempt.

    one of my objectives how to achieve pure consciousness and use energy to

    achieve it. — valid contribution. desirable. we move… being fluid about

    everything. not assuming that my solution, whatever it is, is good for

    everyone and vs. vs. learning. not used to. chat usually/ different in group.

    dynamic diff. uncomfortable. whatevezzzzz. interested. i’ll shut up 🙂

    dimentional lateralism — this concept of dimnensional lateralism is occuping

    multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously, ideally all. this is our

    fullnexx. so, if we’re simultaneously expereicning our socializing and ware of

    the bigger consciousness moving within each of us allowing us to…

    meditation will not give us access as much. when were in a group it’ll activate

    our socialization. meditation retreat will turn off our socialization. when we

    come back to village it causes us to get acess to temptation to creating image

    and people pleasing and habits we’re not aware we have,

    domniation/submission. so if we can be in our lateral dimentionality, pure and

    social would accellerate.

    hilmar:to say so and so, and to say so and so when someone says so and so, to be a

    mirror. so the dojo to me is a place where we meet and we really get our hands in

    their and we really start to illumine the structures in order for us to come into the

    light. that’s what i want it to be. steel sharpens steel, a man sharpens another. old

    way of thinking in spiritual alchemy that there is accountability. in dojo we know it’s

    the soul that is the most important. no matter what we want to call it. in the dojo we

    know this. you get your hands dirty. i really love that. it’s so wide, gentle, there is so

    much spaciousness, so much vant to meet people where they are in their processes.

    nobody is without worth. everyone has had a life path. it bruises etc. so we come to

    the dojo and get our hands dirty, and the light of the soul prevails it.

    put focus on breath, peacefullness, put your focus on your heart chakra, see the light inside of your heart chakra and just observe, be with it, be with the light in your heart shakra. just sense it. feel it. and, focus on the light in your heart chakra and i want to start the transmission now.

    kula kundalini jagan matahi om rehe raham rehim raha kula kundalina de hi swaha. brahm sitim dehi dehi swaha om eh breham brehim kula jagan matahe siten dehi dehi dehi swaha, ommmmmm ommmmmmm ommmmmmmmmmm, chanti chanti chantiiiii….


    I have written a couple of notes from not this meeting but from the last. I will just post it here as a record. I’m not proud of the way i felt, but it’s how i felt….

    Thoughts on last meeting in Truth Dojo having to do with the topic of Transparency

    To begin with, there has been a great deal of resistance to my fully participating in the group on the one hand and on the other hand a great desire to connect authentically, experience the emotions of love, to be heard and to participate in magical development and self expression.

    The immediate surroundings I’m in and the general situation is very conservative and not particularly interested in experimentation, over indulgence in emotions etc. So there has been some fear and hesitation of getting involved from a sense of being on the line between practical considerations to evolve and develop according to the dictates of my immediate surroundings vs what I see as truth dojo as as being something that moves me further in the direction of greater vision enabling me thus to take choices I self development, and also being able glimpse and gain insight on myself through the expressions of others.

    I had been reading a sort of critique on marianne williamson before I joined the meeting, and at one point I heard her name mentioned in the meeting. I felt myself recoil a little at the mention. I suppose its because I wanted to maintain an open mind towards the philosophical critique I was reading and not wanting to be unduly influenced through what might sound good being accepted through non-rational means.

    It struck me as being a bit strange that we were discussing transparency in a context called quantum theatre — a word not particularly associated with authenticity.

    In approaching the meeting, for the second time, a certain interaction occurred – and I noticed a slight change in my reaction. The occurrence was that I signed into the meeting a bit early and joshua was logged in. I had an expectation, at the first time at least that like in a real life scenario there would be some light hearted banter and we would have the opportunity to be a bit unstructured in getting to know each otger, asking questions, etc. However, Joshua informed me politely that they were conducting a leaders coordination meeting etc.. Now, I distinctly noticed my blood boil at the mention of the word leader. I would say I have a particular resistance to the notion of anyone leading me. Specifically when I did not notice particular features in the person and had not taken on the person as a leader so to speak. I noticed that he did not promote me to panelist to give me an opportunity to respond to his request, and then referred to me in third person when I had still not gotten off the call… I guess it was a kinda immature silent protest. I expect to be treated a certain way especially by folks younger than myself, even considering practical stuff etc. The first time this happened I was fuming inside, the second time my blood was merely boiling. I should mention that this sort of light chatter that I mentioned I was expecting had actually more or less occurred the first time… Basically I showed up early three times…

    I suppose one can say that i have a high ego.


    Last thoughts for now. Normally if i express negative sentiments but i feel that i want to preserve the friendship i would try my best to sweeten things up after i express my truth. The problem is that this messes up the whole point. I have actual trust in the space that joshua set up. As in we observe ourselves and it’s an actual theatre. There is separateness, and safety in expression. So, i have trust that this is the spirit my words are taken in.

    Thank you 🙂

    I would love to write more… regarding this last meeting which was really substantial. but I’m now on a bus. my living space etc makes it really challenging to take space and time to write and reflect. perhaps later.

  • Joshua Brandon Pánczér

    May 25, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Thank you brother for sharing this! I really appreciate your transparency and trust in sharing this.

    In the spirit of open communication I will clarify my point of view, perhaps it will be helpful.

    The leadership team is the team which is leading the creation of the schedule, the topics, the offerings, this platform, and is also responsible for demonstrating and educating others about the various healing modalities that we work with including the quantum theater. In some cases the leadership team is also responsible for keeping the energy flow of the meetings on track in order to optimize the sense of safety for the majority of the group (know we can’t always expect to please everyone). This takes a lot of coordination and has essentially (intentionally) become my full-time job in setting this all up.

    My aim is to help people learn how to reconnect to their sensation in the body, reclaiming the inherent somatic safety which is their birthright. This sense of safety is what allows us to see beyond personal narratives (illusion) and to more accurately see the Truth of reality. Organically, without any force or memorization.

    This ability to see Truth is a space beyond language. The magic of the quantum theater is that this modality uses language specifically to help us to sharpen our senses to sensation beyond the space of language, to recognize that Truth is deeper than story and can be touched in a genuine way without the words being true at all. This stark contrast demonstrates that true authenticity is a feeling, not a phrase.

    That is all for now brother thank you!


  • Moshe Rosten

    May 25, 2020 at 8:47 am

    i get it. i get similar simultaneous realities. thank you.

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